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Day 24: Facebook… a new addiction

August 31, 2008

30 August 2008

Facebook is like crystal meth. Use it once and you’re addicted. At Darrell’s suggestion/command from Thursday night – “Have a profile up and running by 7am tomorrow” – I was working on the computer Friday morning until 5am. I’m fascinated with the colleagues, college friends and random people I’ve found, and the infinite ways you can search for folks. It could easily be a full-time job just keeping it current. Between writing my web site, writing this blog, building my Facebook page, researching the industry, responding to work opportunities, sending emails and watching porn 15 hours a day on the Internet, how am I supposed to find time to actually work?

The past few days have been productive. There are at least 10 jobs I am applying for tomorrow alone, and these are only the ones I’ve found so far. In short order I’ll find more. The Facebook thing also opens up opportunities to connect with people who would likely be much more difficult, if not impossible, to reach without an agent, a hand-written note from my mother and a decree from the Pope.

Another sojourn today to fun a few errands. In the garage, I put the top down on the BMW with the flip of a single button, marveling at the fine German craftsmanship and technology. I haven’t been this enamored with a German export since three days in Amsterdam last summer, but that’s another story. One moment while I relive some of those memories and reapply… <sigh>

At the library I looked through back issues of the trade papers, feverishly writing down names of all the studio and production company heads I’ll be working with at some point. 🙂 I wouldn’t really qualify this as a celebrity sighting, but I’m fairly sure one library-goer I saw has made his mark in… um… ‘art films’ of a very specific genre. I use the terms ‘art’ and ‘film’ very loosely. These are the kind of productions that make unconventional use of industrial machinery, law enforcement tools and highway traffic cones. Ouch. Not that I’ve ever seen any of these visual masterpieces. I’ve merely heard about them around the water cooler at Friday night Bible study. So… this dude was scanning the animated films the Children’s section. No snarky remark here. I’m just giving you the facts. In fact, I can see how repeated viewings of Disney’s The Little Mermaid might take his mind off of ‘work’ for a while… at least until Triton starts waving his huge trident all over the place.

Sitting at the worktable with all the other laptop users, I recalled being there a few days earlier and watching one gentleman make a stir when he realized his iPod had been stolen. Turned out he’d plugged it in to charge next to the copy machine (the only accessible outlet available for computers in the library… grrr), then wandered around the library for an hour-and-a-half, only to come back and find it missing. Whaaaat??! Someone at a public venue in a major metropolitan area stole a valuable electronics item that’d been left unattended for an extended period of time? What’re the odds? I departed soon after that because I remembered I’d left the BMW in the parking lot with the top down, keys in the ignition and a sign on it reading “FREE,” and clearly this neighborhood is teeming with untrustworthy thugs. Thank God it was still there when I came out to the lot. Talk about dodging a bullet.

I worked the rest of the evening. Exciting, right? Tomorrow I’d like to try to head to the ocean just to sit and watch the waves roll in for a while. Turn my brain off a bit and recharge.


Day 23: The Vision

August 30, 2008

29 August 2008

I felt like today was very productive. When it comes to the job search, making contacts, earning money… Darrell is kicking my ass. I feel like I’ve been busy, but he’s helping me see I can accomplish more. He’s still being incredibly generous with his car, food, etc. and I’ve asked multiple times for him to put me to work: cleaning the house, doing the laundry, helping with yard work, pouring a new concrete driveway, adjusting the rear differential on his Range Rover… whatever I can do. He keeps going back to: “Nope, just find your job. Figure it out.”

So after three hours of sleep (was up until 5:00am getting my Facebook page running and other emails sent), I sat behind my computer today from about 8:30am until 12:30am researching the options and doing what I can. There is an endless amount of research to do, jobs to apply for, inquiries to send and phone calls to make. Every studio has their own job site. There are small, independent jobs on Craigslist. I have referrals to contact and/or follow-up on. My sister told me about a job site called which has provided some interesting opportunities different from more typical/popular/known job sites like CareerBuilder and Monster. Alas, there is still a social component of my search that is missing. Getting myself up and running on Facebook opened a pretty big door of networking opportunities, and LinkedIn is next, but you still need to be out there pressing the flesh. You also need to be clear on exactly how much flesh you’re willing to press, especially in this town…..

With no riveting misadventures to pontificate about today, I thought it would be a perfect day to share my Vision Board with you. It’s incredibly personal and I’m a little skittish about doing so, but I guess I need to get over that and change my thinking around it. How else will people know what kind of life I want to create (and be able to help me accomplish that) if I don’t tell them, right? So this is another way of putting those vibrations and energy out there.

The board is pretty large… I had to stand on the bed to get it all into the viewfinder. If you click on the picture below, it’ll open a new window. The picture is big because I wanted you to be able to zoom in and see the details. Sorry for the glare on parts of it. Wherever there was empty space, I put another beautiful man. Why the hell not? Maybe I should draw some more dollar signs on there, too. Hmm. Muscled men in their swimsuits surrounded by dollar signs everywhere. What kind of jobs will THAT vibration attract?! Will I soon be fielding calls from Falcon? HotHouse? SeanCody? If you’re reading this and you’re under 18… those are not references you should research further. Same goes for you, Mom & Dad.

Look at that sweet yellow lab right under the peace sign in the middle! That poor puppy. The only way they could’ve taken that picture was to keep dipping him in water and snapping photos while he shook it off. Dip and shake. Dip and shake. Over and over. Poor li’l guy.

Greg Berlanti (see that “Being Berlanti” headline?) is the writer/producer of shows like Brothers & Sisters and Eli Stone, and the producer on Dirty Sexy Money as well. He wrote and directed a movie called The Broken Hearts Club in 2000. There was this great article about him in OUT magazine a few months ago, and I found a lot of what he said intriguing. I’m working to arrange an informational interview with him. What better way to learn about the industry than from those who are doing exactly what you want to be doing?

And yeah, there are 8 pictures of yummy men on there… sue me. It’s not ALL about carnal wish-fulfillment, just so you know. There’s definitely a mindset and focus required to get into and stay in that kind of shape, and that’s something I’d like to emulate, so I find the pictures inspiring as well as beautiful to behold.

I’m sure over time the board will evolve and change, and I’ll make new ones. For now… these are the things I’m thinking about.


Day 22: When the student is ready…

August 29, 2008

28 August 2008

Where do I begin? Days like today are exciting and exhausting all at once.

Darrell was already up and about by the time I rolled out of bed. I’m wondering if he is one of the undead or something. I don’t know how he could spend two weeks trudging through rain forest and climbing a summit (Carstensz Pyramid), travel 15-20 hours home, then stay up late talking to me last night, THEN get up and be making breakfast by the time I woke up. Maybe he has a Red Bull IV drip by his bed or something.

He’s climbed the highest peak on every continent, save for Mount Everest, and I’m sure that’s coming soon. This particular climb was in Papua New Guinea which is in the neighborhood of Australia down there. As you saw in the email of his I posted a few days ago, for 7 days (each way) he trudged through rain forest, mud and muck that was 8 inches deep – and that was just to get to the base camp. There were swarms of bugs that were nasty, aggressive and stinging. No amount of Skin-So-Soft was going to keep these suckers at bay. People were burning leaches off them (although he was spared the leach problem, he said). Altitude sickness was affecting some people. The sanitary conditions were less than enjoyable and people would get sick – Darrell said he went through a LOT of Purell and successfully staved off any major illness. The 8-hour summit climb started at one in the morning. When most of us are comatose, he’s scaling sheer cliffs and traversing 300-foot gorges. WTF?!

To get over raging waters, they had no choice but to cross these log bridges – like those rickety old things built by tribal collectives in 8000 B.C. with missing planks and tattered rope handrails woven out of mammoth hair. Think Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and some bridges didn’t even have the side ropes. Crazy!! At one point they met some natives who wouldn’t allow them to cross the bridge because there were no porters on his expedition that had been hired from their tribe. There was a tribesman on the other side of the river with a machete in-hand, ready to cut the bridge down if this matter went unresolved. It cost his expedition $500,000 clack-rubles (or whatever the money is called) to make amends. The currency sounds like a series of rocks, plant leaves, bone shards and dung beetle exoskeletons. Whatever the case, it was about $50 American dollars. It’s good to know the dollar has value somewhere on the planet.

He loved it though. He’s hard-core. Climbing has obviously defined Darrell and his personality in more ways than one. He has some serious focus and determination. I think I’ve been productive the past several weeks, but it seemed to pale in comparison with what Darrell got through this morning. He was like a machine. Clothes sorted out, laundry washed, HUGE stack of mail sorted, bills paid, grocery shopping done, errands run… and this was only what I saw! The man does not dilly-dally.

Darrell has a completely different attitude about money than anyone I know. It seems to flow freely into and out of his life. There are lessons to be learned here, that’s for sure. I asked him what his earning trajectory was… as in, at what point did he accrue the amount of money such that he didn’t have to work anymore if he didn’t want to? How long a period was this? Years? Weeks? Overnight? He drew me a little time line doodle and explained it all to me. While he came into a large sum over time, it wasn’t without YEARS of hard work, slogging along and pinching pennies. Again… lessons to be learned. We talked about my vision board at one point and he said, “Put a few more dollar signs on that thing!”

I asked if, at some point, he’d be driving down the hill and could drop me off at the library so I could get some work done. I wanted to be out of his way for his first day back. He grabbed the keys on the kitchen counter and said, “Here, just take the Beamer.” I think my eyes glazed over with actual, sugary glaze. If I’m remembering correctly, I heard a small chorus of angels singing. No hill to content with on foot today. Aside from the time and energy I would save having a car to use, how generous is it of him to let me drive his BMW?

The trip to the ‘brary was an interesting dichotomy to say the least – here I was with $35 in my checking account, and yet I’m driving a BMW convertible through the Hollywood Hills. Bizarro. You know I was also wearing my sweet new sunglasses too (thanks, John!), even if it meant having to endure wearing my last pair of protein-encrusted contact lenses, as in: science called and they want their Level 9 biohazard lab specimens back. It was worth it. The car is just a thing, mind you… I know this. But there is definitely a different feeling when you pull up into a space and get out of your BMW. Less so in LA since every other person owns a luxury car, but still….. I could do this.

After the library, I finished up some work back at Darrell’s, after which he offered to pick up dinner. That was cool. He’d also gone grocery shopping today, and I said I needed to give him some money for groceries. He said, “Save your money. When you’re sitting in the first row at the Academy Awards, then you can pay me back.” Dang, that is so cool. At dinner, Darrell and I talked a lot about all I’ve been doing in terms of work, industry connections, and so forth. He was relaying his own experience moving to Los Angeles 20-some years ago, giving me a kick in the pants to keep me focused. He listed two or three things to have accomplished by 7:00am, and that I had no excuse for them to go unfinished. He also said, “I expect you will have a job by next Friday.” Darrell doesn’t know me all that well, and yet he has high expectations for me. That’s pretty fantastic. This is the kind of support system I hope I can be for the people in my life. Undeniably, he’s doing pretty well for himself, and now he’s offering me advice and insight. There’s a saying, proverb, old wive’s tale… whatever… that is something to the effect of “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” The Universe is again providing me what I need.

After dinner, I asked if he was awake enough to take me on a mini-tour of some other places. Save for my trip to North Hollywood to see Peter’s show last weekend, my exposure to the area had been limited to a few square miles. I haven’t even been to the ocean yet. They say there’s a big one around here somewhere, but I’ll believe it when I see it for myself. Anyway, Darrell did his best to give me a small guided tour. We went past Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ old house – the one I believe they were living in when Christ incarnate… er… Suri was born. They way the media played it up – and how the public ate it up – you’d have thought it was the second coming. He drove me past Dr. Phil’s house, the tree where Lindsay Lohan wrecked her car last summer driving drunk, another house allegedly owned by J-Lo and Marc Anthony. Wow. Some big places. No surprise there. We were on the north side of Sunset Boulevard. He said there’s a mindset that if you live on the south side of Sunset, with their property values in the paltry $3-4 million dollar range and public sidewalks, that you may as well be living in the projects. Can you imagine the riff-raff walking down the sidewalks in Beverly Hills?! Disgusting.

He drove me by CNN center (where Larry King works), the Kodak Theatre where the Academy Awards take place, and a few other sites of note. We decided to stop by The Abbey in West Hollywood for a beer. This place was ginormous… a very diverse mix of folks, and it was good to see some new faces. We talked more about people I could contact, what I needed to stay focused on. It was a productive evening of conversation, to be sure.

At one point, this woman passed me and I knew I’d seen her perform in something somewhere. I have a fa-REAK-ish-ly photographic memory when it comes to faces, so I knew in two seconds it was an actress I had seen in the original Broadway cast of Legally Blonde, the Musical. It should come as no surprise to people that I’ve seen it twice and love, Love, LOVE it. Light, fluffy, fun, entertaining, escapist night at the theater. It’s Legally Blonde, folks, not Dostoyevsky.

When Darrell and I were leaving, I came face-to-face with her. Super-sized geek that I am (and make no apologies for it), the conversation that follows might be the queerest, dorkiest conversation that has ever taken place in the history of gay nerd-dom. Here is how it went:

Andy: Is your name Nikki?

Nikki: Yes.

A: Are you an actor?

N: Uh-huh.

A: Legally Blonde?

N: Yeah!


N: Awww! Thank you!

A: Loved it, loved it, loved it! SO fun!

N: What’s your name?

A: Andy. Nice to meet you. Such a great show.

N: Right? How could anyone not have a good time watching it?! The best time of my life. Truly. Hey, this is my friend Brandon.

A: Brandon, nice to meet you. I’m Andy.

Brandon: Hi.

A: (Back to Nikki) So are you working in town?

N: I’m in the tour of A Chorus Line.

A: Oh, is that stopped here now?

N: Yeah, in Costa Mesa. What was name again?

A: Andy. I’m a writer. Here’s my card.

N: Oh, thanks!

A: Great meeting you!

N: Thanks for saying ‘Hi!’

If that’s not word-for-word, it’s pretty damn close. She was sweet, gracious and uber-friendly. Among other things, in Legally Blonde she did this UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE Act 2 opening number called “Whipped Into Shape” which sends me into asthmatic panic just thinking about it. Now she’s Cassie in the national tour of the A Chorus Line revival, so I’m pretty sure she could kick my ass into next year. I LOOOVVVEEEDDD her in Legally Blonde and think there are some fantastic things in her future. When we left, Darrell said, “So did you get her contact info?” Um… derp. No. Lesson learned. I realized on the way home I also forgot to ask her about my friend Jeff Johnson Doherty. He, too, worked on Legally Blonde. I haven’t spoken to Jeff FOREVER. (Jeff, email me!) Well… She was with her friends, and I gave her my card. Wishing her well!


Day 21: Jack Plotnick

August 28, 2008

27 August 2008

OK, I’m late posting this entry. Sorry. Darrell got home and we stayed up talking until the wee hours. After being on a plane for 17 hours (I think that’s what he said), I have no idea how he was able to sit upright, much less hold a cohesive conversation with me about his trip, and ask me how I’d been doing in LA. There are definitely lessons to be learned from his adventure, and I’m hoping to share them in the coming days.

There was one fun and interesting thing that happened today, though! A little backstory first: on Tuesday, I received a call from Peter about the mockumentary project I’d helped with a week ago. I’m paraphrasing, but essentially he said, “Jack has some questions so I’m hoping you can help him figure it out.” Jack? This was confusing. The editor I worked with was Guy, not Jack, so I called the number Peter gave me and left a message for Jack. A bit later, the phone rings – and it was Jack Plotnick calling me. He’s one of the actors in the show, and I believe the producer, too (don’t hold me to that, though). That was minorly surreal – I remember seeing Jack on Ellen Degeneres’ first sitcom, plus I had just blogged about him and his awesome website on Day 14, and then I’m setting up a time to review some clips with him, and then I meet him. I had no expectations to the contrary, but he was a SUPER nice, down-to-earth, gracious fellow. I told him a little bit about my move and he was fun to chat with for a few minutes. He asked how I knew about his blog and I told him I’d found it a few years ago. Hmm… I don’t think I really answered his question. Oops. I knew he wanted to get to work, though, so I only stuck around until I had him up and running with the edit system. Anyway, I think he’d be hilarious to work with someday. So funny. Jack’s reel has some great dramatic turns, too. Again, a really nice guy. Where are all the LA freaks?! I better start meeting some soon, or I’m going to run out of blog topics. I can’t write about fake boobs forever, folks… well… maybe I could.

So that made for an interesting day. The rest of it was more house cleaning, phone calls, emailing and research, but mostly more time spent getting the house ready. I can’t believe how much of my own stuff I’d scattered all around the place. The guest room I’m staying in looks like a scene from Twister. Bad.

Well… it’s late and I anticipate there will be lots to talk about tomorrow.

Thanks for keeping up with me! One blog entry a day. That’s the goal. So far so good, even if I did post this one late. Cheers!


Day 20: Homecoming prep

August 26, 2008

26 August 2008

No, this isn’t about renting a tux and buying a nosegay for the big “Enchantment Under the Sea” dance. Darrell is arriving home tomorrow, two days early. It didn’t really surprise me when he sent me the email saying as much, given that his departure date changed a bunch of times, too. I responded saying I was disappointed I’d have to cancel the party I had planned with Aerosmith, Snoop Dogg and the LA Lakers, but sometimes these things happen.

Hopefully Darrell’s flight won’t be affected by the computer glitch the FAA had to cope with today, which made me wonder if the FAA is using Windows VISTA. On a similar topic, but also a complete non sequitur: don’t believe the hype that Macs don’t crash, either. Ask any video editor who works on Macs. Interestingly enough, there is not witty Mac vs. PC commercial on this topic (even if PC would still lose). OK, that’s over.

On Sunday, I received this email from Darrell:

I am back to civilization. Wow. What an experience … Fly from LA to Bali, then to Timika, Papua New Guinea, then a small plane to Sagupa, a native village high in the mountains of central New Guinea. From there we hiked 7 days up to the base of Carstensz Pyramid… first two plus days through thick jungle, broken down trees, moss, vines, rain every day and hiking and climbing through endless mud and water. Add to that bugs and leaches and some very pissed off natives at one bridge we had to cross, then 6 more days through bogs and marshes (more water and more mud)… finally getting high enough to get out of it somewhat and into base camp at 13,000 plus feet. Up at 1AM and started our summit attempt … a technical rock climb straight up using our ascenders and harnesses, up to the summit ridge, then 2 hours across a tricky summit ridge to the actual summit. Nice day though… we were lucky. One big notch in the summit ridge we had to cross using a Tyrolean traverse… 4 ropes were strung across the 65 ft wide opening, 300 ft deep, and we hooked our harnesses into that and pulled ourselves across the notice… Back to base camp by 2pm and then started the 4 day hike back out to Sagupa, backthrough the rain and mud and water. We had 40 porters with us to carry our stuff. I have been wet for 2 weeks straight…wet clothes, wet boots, wet sleeping bag. Back to Sagupa last night and got a plane out this a.m. and we’re back at the Sheraton Timika now, flying back to Bali in the a.m. for a few days and back to Los Angeles. We are all wiped out… but lucky that we all reached the summit.

DAMN. I’m exhausted just reading that, and I don’t even know what half of it means. Still, is this not a great example of living in the moment and doing what you love? He’s trudging through the rain forest, soaking wet for two weeks, burning off leaches, using palm fronds for toilet paper, almost eaten by natives – it’s like Waterworld meets Cliffhanger meets Apocalypto, and yet he’s loving every minute of it. Very inspiring.

Given that I have sloth-like tendencies in the housecleaning department, I spent a good part of today whipping the place into shape. Yes, I’ve been cleaning as I go along, but still want the place to be spotless when Darrell gets home. I’m all kindsa self-conscious about every speck of dirt, scuff on the floor, bend in the window treatments or ding in the paint. Every day I have a small series of panic attacks as I encounter new imperfections I think I caused, even in rooms I’ve never entered. So paranoid. I enjoy house sitting, but it seriously stresses me out! I assessed the plant-life he entrusted to me and think my brown thumb only resulted in one fatality. In my defense, that old gray mare was on wobbly legs when I arrived, and sometimes no amount of water can save them from the rifle.

I put some finishing touches on my vision board tonight, so I will try and post that later this week. Looking around Darrell’s living room, he has a series of poster-size photographs of various summit vistas and base camps high in the mountains. They’re quite stunning, actually, and I’m pretty sure they are photos he took since I’ve noticed some other photographic equipment around the house. Here I am thinking I’m all clever making my vision board my computer screen saver, and then I realize Darrell has made his entire living room his vision board – another fantastic idea for surrounding yourself with your dreams and achievements!

It’ll be a bummer leaving here (though I WON’T miss the hike from Sunset Boulevard), but it only means a new set of adventures is on the way. Life gets more and more interesting…


Day 19: “I’ll be guiding you.”

August 26, 2008

25 August 2008

Today was suuuper productive! Where does the time go each day? It’s crazy! I’m glad to be busy though. There is a long list of calls, research and email/letter writing to get through every day, plus I’m writing every day which is also keeping me in good spirits. This blog has helped tremendously. It is like training for the big event, and every day it reinforces my drive to keep going.

After a long day at the computer, I had to get outside for some fresh air and exercise. The Sunday LA Times was still sitting on the driveway. Oops. See? Proof I didn’t even go outside yesterday. Anyway, my first stop was the West Hollywood library so I could pick up my library card! Late Saturday afternoon, the info mailer I needed from the library arrived, and that was the last piece I needed to get a card. Who says you can’t get something for nothing in LA?! Free wifi, free books, free access to the Hollywood trade papers, free DVD rental. It’s a damn goldmine, even if I need to disinfect myself every time I leave there…

I decided to listen to some tunes on the way down instead of Esther, as much as I love her. I had an intuitive reading on my last birthday, and the reader told me that my guides talk to me through music. I kinda knew this already, but it was reassuring to hear it from an outside source. I’m always excited to hear what nuggets of wisdom my iPod will instill. The list of snippets from songs that speak to my life experience could go on forever, as I’m sure is the case for most people, but there is one song on my iPod that speaks to me in its entirety. I remember talking with my sister Caroline about this song months ago, but still, every time I hear the song Magic from the movie Xanadu (yes, we’re back to that again), I get the heebie-jeebies… in a good way. Below are the lyrics to Magic by John Farrar and Jeff Lynne, and they make the hair on my neck stand up. To avoid repetitiveness in print, I only put the song’s chorus in there once (at the end), but otherwise everything is there. Olivia does a lovely vocal as well…

Come take my hand
You should know me
I’ve always been in your mind
You know I will be kind
I’ll be guiding you

Building your dream
Has to start now
There’s no other road to take
You won’t make a mistake
I’ll be guiding you

From where I stand
You are home free
The planets align so rare
There’s promise in the air
And I’m guiding you

Through every turn
I’ll be near you
I’ll come anytime you call
I’ll catch you when you fall
I’ll be guiding you

You have to believe we are magic
Nothin’ can stand in our way
You have to believe we are magic
Don’t let your aim ever stray
And if all your hopes survive
Destiny will arrive
I’ll bring all your dreams alive
For you

FREAKY, right?! This song encapsulates so much of how I’m thinking, feeling and trying to live my life these days. Listening to the inner voice that has always been there, building my dream now, knowing there are no mistakes, letting the Universe conspire in my favor (“the planets align so rare, there’s promise in the air”), and trusting my own internal compass. I’ll be guiding you. Don’t let your aim ever stray. Destiny will arrive. I’ll bring all your dreams alive. What were these guys smoking when they wrote this? Because I want some! Clearly, they were tapped into their own creative Source and wrote the simple truth about how our world works, whether we believe it or not.

Believe in yourself, listen to your intuition, trust it will work, allow it to happen. If we don’t get caught up in our own doubts and fears (ego, people), or in the outside messages with which we are too often inundated – from well-meaning loved ones, from the media, from society – Life really can be quite magical.


Day 18: What story are you telling yourself?

August 25, 2008

24 August 2008

With Saturday chock-full of fun and adventure, Sunday was a very quiet day. That’s all well and good with me. With such a long list of things to do during the week, Sundays have been a great day to catch up on everything I didn’t get to, plan for the upcoming week, relax a tiny bit and refocus my energy. That being said, there isn’t much activity to report on today. I don’t even think I stepped outside. I read a lot, I revamped my vision board somewhat and talked to my friends and family.

I’m a bit fixated on this Esther Hicks audio program I have. I’ve listened to it twice now, because it’s the perfect length program for getting me down the big hill, then back up again. She talks a lot in this program (and her books) about the story we tell ourselves every day… about our careers, our bodies, our money, our lives. All of it. The crux of her commentary about this topic is that if you’re not living a life you love, it’s time to start telling a new story. That doesn’t mean fabricating outrageous stories about flying to the moon next Thursday or walking across water, but rather getting yourself into a better feeling place about who you want to be and the life you want to be living. I’m waaay over-simplifying the principles she espouses, so don’t take my word for it. I think her ideas are well worth the look, though.

Henry David Thoreau worded this basic idea a little differently, but the impact is just as powerful:

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.

For me, moving to Los Angeles is not only about telling a new story, but doing my best every day to live that new story. I’ve already had moments when I catch myself going back to old, unproductive habits – some of which were a daily part of my routine as recently as a month ago. At this point, I’m grateful I can recognize them and assess the results they brought me in the past, which weren’t what I wanted (if they brought anything at all). So I’m replacing those habits with new ones, allowing myself to take bold action and creating a new story here in Los Angeles instead of living by default, unconsciously, letting the old story take over.

What story are you telling yourself about your life? Is it time for a rewrite?