All about me (and my little blog, too)

Photo by George Byron Griffiths

Photo by George Byron Griffiths gbgphotography.com

There are some things that are best left unblogged, but here are some of the more relevant highlights.

In August of 2008, I moved to Los Angeles from Minneapolis, where I had lived for the previous eleven-and-a-half-ish years.  There is a long list of factors that played into the decision to move, most of which would be a giant snooze-fest to anyone but me, but the crux of the decision came down to this: I decided it was now or never.  Something inside of me just told me to go, try, trust and let it happen.  Time to take my chance, reach for the stars, go for the gusto, live the life I’ve imagined – please feel free to pick any tired cliché that works for you.

For years I thought obsessively about writing and filmmaking.  Fortunately, my day-to-day work in the corporate/non-broadcast production industry in Minneapolis (and in St. Louis, where I grew up and lived before the trek north) provided an outlet to some extent.  For more than 14 years I wrote, produced and directed other people’s stories: businesses, organizations, products, services, corporate individuals and more.  My work criss-crossed through, over and around every aspect of production: creative treatments, scripting, producing, scheduling, casting, audio production, directing, post-production, duplication, DVD authoring… it’s quite the list.  If you feel you can’t live without more of this thrilling information, please let me know and I’ll supply you with further details.

In that respect, I’m incredibly grateful for the years spent honing my creative and technical storytelling skills.  There are no regrets about waiting until now to move to Hollywood.  I realize and appreciate that I simply needed to have a few more life experiences and find the right perspective… to cook a little more, if you will.  Everything happens at the exact right time. Yes, I’m fatalistic in that sense.  I can look back and acknowledge what I’ve learned, but all the same, I don’t live in that space.  I’m living in this moment right now.  It’s all I, or any of us, really have.

Moving to the entertainment capital of the world with little money or contacts was daunting, to say the least, but I’m confident this decision is the right one.  I started this blog to keep me honest and grounded while living here in the land of illusion.  Some entries will be longer than others.  Some will be philosophical, some fluffy entertainment, and some will probably be all over the map.  Some will be excellent, others will be good, and still others might downright suck.  That’s how it goes when the goal is to write one entry a day.  There will be serious entries about the experiences I have here, but also a lot of humor, joy, gratitude and appreciation for the things I experience every day.  With that, you might need to click through a few days worth of entries to get the full scope of my genius.  Ha!  I’ve found writing these daily commentaries to be like mini-training workout for the big event.  Names will be changed to protect the innocent.  The guilty?  Well… you’re on your own.

I’m excited to share as many of my experiences and moments as possible without too much self-censoring, but as I said at the beginning, some things just aren’t meant to be blogged.  Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to some extent I can take you on this journey with me, because I’m certain it is going to be an adventure!



  1. Great photo of you!! Who is that talented photographer?! 🙂 LOL

  2. That is a great photo Geordie!!! And I do love that shirt AJ.

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