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Day 84: A Very Brady Bike Ride

November 2, 2008

28 October 2008

I had a meeting today with my seminar small-group coach Troy.  It was an interview of sorts, in that he has a project on which I may be able to help, so this was a chance to learn more about his project and show him some of my mad skillz.  I gathered a few of my corporate samples to show him.  I’m always hesitant to show my corporate work because it is such a completely different animal than feature work.  All the same, most of my projects in that milieu are pretty slick and high-end.  In addition, the budgets I’ve had to work with as a producer in the non-broadcast/industrial video realm have been larger than what most independent producers have to work with.  I’m learning more and more through this Flash Forward class that I have more transferable experience and cachet than I was previously acknowledging, and I’m grateful for this self-discovery.

Yesterday, I had to relinquish Robert the BMW to one of Darrell’s friends who would be using him for a few days.  With that, today became a bike & subway kind of day because I was meeting Troy in North Hollywood.

I haven’t talked about this for a while, and it sounds pretty ridiculous, but my riding acumen on this bike comes in fits and spurts.  Some days I’m super-confident, zipping down the streets, up driveways, down curbs, past gawking tourists.  Other days I’m as wobbly as Jan Brady riding her bike without her glasses (even AFTER Marcia confronted her).  Today was a Jan Brady day…

Let’s start with my bike helmet, and the fact that it looks like a consolation prize won at an 8th grade nerd convention.  I’ve had it forever, and it’s time for an upgrade.  It’s hard to feel like my usual suave and sexy self (ha!) once I’ve stretched the kevlar straps across my face and locked them together.  Today’s helmets are more sleekly designed and fashionable, which are adjectives that are not typically associated with me.  Even so, I’m able to deal with the geek factor because I’ve known people whose lives have likely been saved by their helmets.  Let’s face it, brains smeared on the pavement = not sexy.

On my way to the subway station, I went over a HUGE curb that must’ve been about 9 inches high.  Please don’t ask how I’m able to easily assess – almost unconsciously – this specific unit of measure.  Anyway, after my back tire hit the street, I heard a thud, and noticed the under-seat satchel that holds the bike lock and a spare inner tube had snapped off and was on the ground.  Ugh.  Great.  Another item to carry around in my already over-stuffed backpack.  I’m grateful I heard the thud, though, otherwise I would have arrived at my meeting unable to lock up the bike.

The best moment, however, was when I was riding past a restaurant on Sunset Boulevard.  Since it was a sunny day – what else is new? – this fine, upscale establishment had some shade umbrellas up to protect the delicate patrons out on the patio.  The umbrellas were out in the middle of the sidewalk right in the riding path, AND they were angled at 45-degrees, so it’s not like I could very well duck under them.  I’m not painting a great picture here, I admit, but suffice it to say the damn umbrellas were in my way.  As I was delicately attempting to navigate between one of them on one side and a light post on the other, my shoulder BARELY grazed the umbrella and over it fell.  SOOOO embarrassing.  Truly.

I stopped, parked the bike, and walked back to reset the thing.  This particular umbrella had been protecting a table of 7 or 8 twenty-somethings, all of whom were now looking at me like I had just touched down from the planet Neptune. Their faces were contorted into various shapes of disbelief, repulsion and utter confusion.  It was as if they’d discovered their trust funds had been depleted, I’d keyed all of their cars and was now going to force them all to wear clothes from The Gap.  I could see the wheels turning as they soon looked to one another for what to do next.   I imagined the whispers: “OMG, do we call someone?” or “Don’t look directly at him.” or “Poor people are so clumsy.”

It was one of the more amusing anecdotes from my otherwise busy day.  Oh!  After my meeting with Troy was over, I stayed behind for a while at Panera and saw Tim Allen, the Home Improvement/Santa Clause movies dude.  He parked his car, plugged the meter and, I’m guessing, was just a-walking around NoHo tending to some errands.  So weird to see celebs in their natural habitat.  Perhaps, like me, you are wondering what the hell he’s been up to lately.  Here’s some info about that. There’s actually a Toy Story 3 in the works.  Who knew?

Otherwise, not much more to share today.  The Jan Brady incident had a lasting effect that carried me through the whole day…


Day 21: Jack Plotnick

August 28, 2008

27 August 2008

OK, I’m late posting this entry. Sorry. Darrell got home and we stayed up talking until the wee hours. After being on a plane for 17 hours (I think that’s what he said), I have no idea how he was able to sit upright, much less hold a cohesive conversation with me about his trip, and ask me how I’d been doing in LA. There are definitely lessons to be learned from his adventure, and I’m hoping to share them in the coming days.

There was one fun and interesting thing that happened today, though! A little backstory first: on Tuesday, I received a call from Peter about the mockumentary project I’d helped with a week ago. I’m paraphrasing, but essentially he said, “Jack has some questions so I’m hoping you can help him figure it out.” Jack? This was confusing. The editor I worked with was Guy, not Jack, so I called the number Peter gave me and left a message for Jack. A bit later, the phone rings – and it was Jack Plotnick calling me. He’s one of the actors in the show, and I believe the producer, too (don’t hold me to that, though). That was minorly surreal – I remember seeing Jack on Ellen Degeneres’ first sitcom, plus I had just blogged about him and his awesome website on Day 14, and then I’m setting up a time to review some clips with him, and then I meet him. I had no expectations to the contrary, but he was a SUPER nice, down-to-earth, gracious fellow. I told him a little bit about my move and he was fun to chat with for a few minutes. He asked how I knew about his blog and I told him I’d found it a few years ago. Hmm… I don’t think I really answered his question. Oops. I knew he wanted to get to work, though, so I only stuck around until I had him up and running with the edit system. Anyway, I think he’d be hilarious to work with someday. So funny. Jack’s reel has some great dramatic turns, too. Again, a really nice guy. Where are all the LA freaks?! I better start meeting some soon, or I’m going to run out of blog topics. I can’t write about fake boobs forever, folks… well… maybe I could.

So that made for an interesting day. The rest of it was more house cleaning, phone calls, emailing and research, but mostly more time spent getting the house ready. I can’t believe how much of my own stuff I’d scattered all around the place. The guest room I’m staying in looks like a scene from Twister. Bad.

Well… it’s late and I anticipate there will be lots to talk about tomorrow.

Thanks for keeping up with me! One blog entry a day. That’s the goal. So far so good, even if I did post this one late. Cheers!


Day 10: Peter, Jenna, Rebecca, Eric & Oprah

August 17, 2008

16 August 2008

Off to a slow start this morning, but that’s OK. I’m getting up earlier, and that’s one of the goals these days. I wrote for a short while, but knew this day was going to be quiet.

I loaded up my cargos with a book, camera, iPod, phone, wallet, keys, canvas shopping bag (yeah baby, I’m eco-conscious) and plenty of other stuff that made the shorts sit down past my butt crack, but oh well. I wasn’t sure how long I’d be gone, and I didn’t want to load up my backpack with the computer and all the other (heavier) items I’d have to bring back UP the hill later.

I was going to meet Peter, one of the handful of people I quasi-know in L.A. I’ve known OF Peter for years because he was a frequent personality on board many of the RSVP Vacations cruises on which I’d worked as a video producer. It wasn’t until my visit to L.A. last April when a group of folks went out to dinner and I got to know the real Peter for the first time. I emailed him last week and he agreed to grab coffee and chat a bit.

I found Peter to be a bit of a kindred spirit. I LOVE talking about art, the creative process, the meaning of happiness and following where your internal compass is leading you, so I’m always encouraged when I meet others who think in the same way. Two months ago Peter was in the midst of a massive, all-consuming work project at his full-time job when he woke one morning and realized, “I’m done.” He picked up his Blackberry and wrote his resignation letter, telling me it was liberating, which I can absolutely relate to. He wants to focus on writing and performing, and that’s what he’s doing now. He said he didn’t want to wake up 70 years old wondering, “What if I’d tried that? How would my life be different?” He’s another example of the Universe responding to bold actions steps. If I’m remembering correctly, within a week of leaving his job, he was called about a performance gig, and also heard from a friend who wanted to bring him in to do some freelance writing for his production company. Amazing. Ask and it is given. Now Peter is loving his work, and he’s working with people he admires and who inspire him, which in turn, is admirable and inspiring to me. I’m excited to see where his path leads him next.

I walked to West Hollywood Park because I wanted to sit outside and read for a while, but as far as parks go, it was kind of a letdown. It was smaller than the playground at Our Lady of Sorrows grade school in south St. Louis where I went to school. [Sidebar: could that be any more dramatic? Our Lady of Sorrows. Talk about focusing on the negative. Yeah, she had some rough times, but you’d think your offspring being the Son of God might come with a few perks. Why not something more upbeat like “Our Lady of My-Son-Can-Raise-Your-Son-From-The-Dead” or “Our Lady of My Kid Turns Water Into Wine” or “Our Lady of ‘Hells Yeah, My Son is God. Suck on THAT, bitch!'” Those wacky Catholics.] ANYWAY, West Hollywood Park was dinky. Not a lot of space to sit and relax, and only about four trees offering shade. I dunno. It probably deserves a second look. You see what you want to see, so perhaps I wasn’t in the ‘sit and read’ frame of mind I thought I was. I wound my way back to the Coffee Bean where I’d met Jenna the day before.

I bought a fat-free bottled water (it actually said this on the label), went to sit outside, and there was Jenna again! Awww. I had to say hello. She is one of the most docile, loving creatures I’ve ever met. Maybe she can sense how much I’m missing Hank. No, not maybe. I’m sure she can. They’re so perceptive. During my small talk with her owner, Robert, I asked him if she sleeps in the bed with him, and he said she does. I can tell she is one of those suuuuuuuuuper-snuggly pups who nuzzles into the curve of your body then settles in for the long haul.

After a quick dash through the grocery store, I began the Hill trek and along the way had a celebrity sighting. So exciting!

Rebecca Gayheart drove by just as I’d passed what I refer to as the Wheezing Point. She was driving a Toyota Prius, bless her heart. And she looked fabulous. I wonder if she has a lifetime supply of Noxema. If that’s the case, it’s totally working. Of course, I’d make damn sure I looked amazing too if I was going home to this guy:

That’s right. She’s married to Eric Dane from Grey’s Anatomy. McSteamy himself. I gotta admit, the thought of it made me a little McMoist. (Sorry, Mom & Dad.) OK, that may be more than most of you wanted to know…

I was able to water the plants, make some dinner and relax a bit before the last Michael Phelps 2008 Olympic swim was scheduled to start. Can you believe this kid’s story?! It is truly remarkable, and if you’re not inspired and moved by his accomplishments… well, don’t take this personally… but seek professional help, because there is something seriously wrong with you. While it’s true that gold medals, world records, tens-of-thousands of MySpace hits, lucrative endorsement contracts and sports-celebrity status aren’t important in the larger scheme of life, how can one not be inspired by the idea of setting out to achieve something, having laser-focus and determination to do whatever it takes to make it happen, and THEN living through the experience of those dreams becoming real day-by-day? Life changes in a blink. In the time-span of only a week or so, he became the mostest gold-medal winning athlete in modern Olympic history, not to mention the world records he set, and edging out Mark Spitz’ record for most gold medals at a single Olympic games. Again, it’s awe-inspiring. And more importantly, given his success, his humble and gracious demeanor, financial security ($1,000,000 bonus from Speedo after winning 2008 Olympics gold medal #7), high-profile status and stunning physical anatomy (size 14 feet, folks), can you imagine how much this guy is going to get laid?!

I once heard Oprah say she believes our purpose in life is to figure out why we’re here, then get to the business of doing it. With this move to L.A., I feel like I’m just now starting that. No regrets, mind you… everything happens at the exact time it is meant to happen, and I obviously needed to cook a while longer before I was ready for this jump. What’s the number one focus in your life? If you were able to get rid of all the chatter and noise from news, television, politics, advertising, society, the Internet (my blog excluded, of course) and other distractions, can you be still, listen to your spirit and find your own gold medal event?